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Do any medical problems make it more hazardous to take herbal health items? Yes. It might not be safe to take natural medications if you have particular health issue. Speak to your medical professional if you have any of these problems: Hypertension, Thyroid problems, Psychiatric problems, Parkinson's disease, Bigger prostate gland, Blood clot problems, Diabetes, Heart disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Stroke at some time in the past, What are possible adverse effects of herbal health products? Organic health items aren't tested to be sure they're safe, so they may cause issues.

If you're taking Ginkgo biloba, you may have bleeding as an adverse effects. St. John's wort can cause an upset stomach, a worn out feeling, dizziness, confusion or dry mouth. You may likewise get a sunburn more quickly. If you're taking an ephedra item (also called ma huang), you could have numerous issues.

You may feel anxious, have headaches or have problem dropping off to sleep. You might even have a cardiac arrest or a stroke. If you take kava products, you may feel drowsy, get a rash or have weird movements of your mouth and tongue, or other parts of your body. Can natural products alter the way prescription medicines work? Yes.

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Don't take Ginkgo biloba if you're taking aspirin, ticlopidine (brand: Ticlid), clopidogrel (brand name: Plavix) or dipyridamole (brand name: Persantine). Do not take St. John's wort if you're taking an antidepressant. Do not take ephedra if you're taking a decongestant or a stimulant drug, or if you drink caffeinated beverages. Don't take kava products if you're taking a benzodiazepine, a barbiturate, an antipsychotic medication or any medicine used to deal with Parkinson's disease.

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