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You may feel worried, have headaches or have problem falling asleep. You might even have a cardiac arrest or a stroke. If you take kava items, you might feel sleepy, get a rash or have strange motions of your mouth and tongue, or other parts of your body. Can herbal items alter the method prescription medicines work? Yes.

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Do not take Ginkgo biloba if you're taking aspirin, ticlopidine (trademark name: Ticlid), clopidogrel (trademark name: Plavix) or dipyridamole (brand name: Persantine). Do not take St. John's wort if you're taking an antidepressant. Don't take ephedra if you're taking a decongestant or a stimulant drug, or if you drink caffeinated beverages. Don't take kava items if you're taking a benzodiazepine, a barbiturate, an antipsychotic medication or any medicine used to treat Parkinson's illness.

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An herb is a plant or plant part used for its fragrance, taste, or healing homes. Herbal medications are one kind of dietary supplement. They are offered as tablets, pills, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants. People use herbal medicines to try to preserve or improve their health.

This is not always true. Herbal medications do not need to go through the testing that drugs do. Some herbs, such as comfrey and ephedra, can cause serious harm. Some herbs can connect with prescription or over-the-counter medicines. If you are thinking of using a natural medication, initially get information on it from dependable sources.

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Today, we live in a time when made medicines and prescriptions prevail, but do they need to be the only approach to recovery? Even with all of these engineered choices at our fingertips, many individuals find themselves reversing to the medicinal plants that began everything: Natural treatments that have the capability to heal and boost physical and psychological well-being.

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While these manufactured drugs have certainly become vital in our lives, it can be soothing to understand that the power of nature is on our side, and these natural choices are offered to match our health practices. However the degree of the power they hold is also still being checked out.