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The protein might end up being a target ... HIV & AIDS It's long been known that individuals dealing with HIV experience a loss of white matter in their brains. As opposed to "noodle," which is composed of the cell bodies of neurons, white matter is comprised of a fatty compound ...

They originate from cancer cells that moved from the original growth to other organs, and which can lie there non-active for a substantial ... Medications The research study, published in the journal Nature, demonstrates how a drug available on the NHS can boost physical fitness of healthy stem cells in the gut, making them more resistant to screw up from mutant stem cells that trigger cancer.

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The vagus nerve is an important communicator in between these two organs. Researchers from limit Planck ... Cardiology A new study led by researchers at Washington State University has determined a protein that could be the key to enhancing treatment outcomes after a cardiovascular disease. Psychology & Psychiatry A facial expression or the noise of a voice can state a lot about an individual's emotional state; and how much they reveal depends upon the strength of the feeling.

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Oncology & Cancer Red2Onco, an ingenious hereditary mouse design, enables to identify the extremely preliminary steps that lead to cancer development. Red2Onco's multicolor labeling system allows to trace digestive tumor advancement after the first oncogenic ... Immunology Peptides encoded by undiscovered regions of the SARS-Co, V-2 genome provoke strong immune actions compared to other known peptides.

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Human life period might have an 'absolute limitation' of 150 years By Rebecca Sohn Humans might have the ability to live for between 120 and 150 years, but no longer than this "absolute limitation" on human life expectancy, a brand-new research study recommends.

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A field epidemiologist performs a diphtheria threat assessment while released to Cox's Bazar to assist in delivering health care to Rohingya refugees.

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