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In a clean west Atlanta yard Saturday, two women held up little pieces of a rock-like material they had actually found on the ground. It wasn't rock, the 2 concurred: It was slag. Rosario Hernandez and Eri Saikawa understand plenty about west Atlanta's deposits of slag. The things is a byproduct of smelting, and several years ago individuals used it to fill in low-lying areas in the community.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes Campylobacter infection, among the most common foodborne diseases in the Western world, can also be spread through sexual contact, according to a new research study discovery by an OU Hudson College of Public Health faculty member, ...

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To reduce your threat of getting diverticulitis, you must attempt and include high-fiber foods to each meal. Objective for up to half your plate to include some fiber-rich food.

Daily, market-moving coverage of biotech and pharma Inside intelligence on the NIH, the FDA, and Congress Profiles of the power gamers shaping the market Analysis of the current clinical developments.

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A physician who was likewise a transplant recipient discovered success with a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine when faced with a subpar antibody reaction surveys are polls of those who select to participate and are, for that reason, not legitimate statistical samples, however rather a picture of what your coworkers are believing.

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Barbers, stylists help combat vaccine hesitancy in Maryland 'This is no chance to live': Were retirement home clients secured to death throughout COVID-19? 'Don't kiss or snuggle yard poultry' says CDC, citing salmonella break out California will drop social distancing guidelines in June: COVID-19 updates US might play a huge role in vaccinating the world New York City, Maryland deal lotto rewards for vaccinations: Today's COVID-19 updates Jane Goodall Q&A: Climate change, COVID-19 and the 'indomitable' human spirit Fauci states United States public is 'misinterpreting' CDC mask guidelines: Today's COVID updates Masks still required at some stores.