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Jamu contains a mix of herbs and spices including leaves, seeds, fruits, barks and flowers. Some jamu products also consist of honey, milk and other animal-derived active ingredients. Users of jamu swear by this traditional solution to boost resistance, supply energy, and enhancing food digestion. It is frequently sold by little traders in markets, also by established, significant firms such as Sido Muncul.

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Safia established the business in January 2021 with the goal to make jamu for different customer groups because, "every biological system is various, and typically, the majority of little vendors and bigger gamers do not serve specific demographics."The firm initially released its jamu series for males and females, brewed with ingredients said to help enhance cognitive function, food digestion, prevent swelling, improve body immune system and vigor.

The guys's dish includes a combination of 3 different kinds of ginger - Javanese ginger, red ginger and Chinese ginger, alongside fenugreek, cardamom, betel leaf and black pepper. This month, it is releasing a new jamu item targeted at people with diabetes. Called Glushot, it will contain papaya seed, Javanese ginger, cat whiskers plant, turmeric, and red ginger, said to assist individuals handle their sugar levels.

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Top federal government authorities in Indonesia, including President Joko Widodo, promoted jamu intake in the early phase of the COVID-19 break out in 2015, claiming it can improve the body immune system. Safia, nevertheless, fasted to add: "Jamu is never ever a cure. It can be an avoidance, for example, if you consume jamu routinely, it enhances your body immune system, and help you fight the signs of infection."Safia said her jamu formula was based on her household dish, which she has repackaged for modern-day customers."It was in the middle of the pandemic when I initially started believing about how I can share health and health to the public.