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Talia Herman for Pro, Publica Talia Herman for Pro, Publica Yang drives to Huron, a rural town an hour beyond Fresno, Calif., looking for Angelica. Clients in rural locations like Huron frequently have less access to care. Talia Herman for Pro, Publica There was a time, not too long back, when CDC authorities believed they might get rid of the centuries-old scourge from the United States, for adults and children. Syphilis is not an outlier. The United States goes through what former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden calls" a deadly cycle of panic and disregard" in which emergency situations move authorities to rush and throw cash at a problem whether that's Ebola, Zika or COVID-19. Then, as worry recedes, so does the attention and inspiration to end up the job. The result: The hardest to reach and most susceptible populations are the ones left suffering, after everyone else averts. 'This germs is still in your body' Yang first got Angelica's lab report on June 17. The address listed was a P.O. box, and the contact number came from her sibling, who said Angelica was living in Huron. 6 square miles. On her first visit, a worker at the Alamo Motel stated she understood Angelica and directed Yang to a neighboring homeless encampment. Angelica wasn't there, so Yang returned a 2nd time, bringing one of the health department nurses who might act as an interpreter. Yang drove to Huron knowing that if she helped Angelica get treated with 3 weekly shots of penicillin at least 30 days prior to she provided birth, it was likely that her baby would be born with no symptoms of the illness. "Hi, I'm from the health department, I'm searching for Angelica." The nurse echoed her in Spanish. Angelica emerged, squinting in the sunshine. Yang couldn't tell if she was visibly pregnant yet, as her body was obscured by an oversized shirt. The 2 women were about the very same age: Yang 26 and Angelica 27. Angelica appeared reticent, shocked by the sudden look of the 2 health officers." You're not in problem, "Yang stated, before revealing the results of her blood test. (NPR and Pro, Publica picked not to use Angelica's surname to protect her privacy.) Angelica had never ever become aware of syphilis." Have you been to prenatal care?" Angelica shook her head. She had no car. She also discussed that she didn't intend