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Without preventive treatment, rabies is typically deadly. "Unfortunately, this case underscores the significance of raising public awareness about the risk of rabies exposure in the United States," said Lake County Health Department Executive Director Mark Pfister. "Rabies infections in people are uncommon in the United States; however, once symptoms begin, rabies is practically constantly deadly, making it vital that an exposed individual get suitable treatment to avoid the beginning of rabies as soon as possible." Bats are the most frequently identified types with rabies in Illinois.

People normally understand when they have been bitten by a bat, however bats have very small teeth and the bite mark may not be simple to see. If you discover yourself in close distance to a bat and are uncertain if you were exposed, (e. g., you get up and find a bat in your room), do not launch the bat as it need to be appropriately caught for rabies testing.

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Call your regional animal care and control to safely remove the bat. If the bat is offered for screening and the outcomes are unfavorable, preventive treatment is not needed. The only method rabies can be confirmed in a bat is through lab screening. You can not tell simply by looking at a bat if it has rabies.

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More than 1,000 bats are checked for rabies each year in Illinois due to a possible direct exposure. Around 3% of tested bats are favorable for rabies. More information about rabies and how to keep bats out of your home can be found on the IDPH site..

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