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Swapping unhealthy scrap food and snacks out for healthy food is the primary step to keeping your weight within a healthy variety relative to your body composition, without the requirement to jump on the fad-diet bandwagon. With experiencing diabetes, the focus on good nutrition is greater than ever. Taking a preventive approach with an entire food-based nutrition strategy likewise lowers the threat of developing other related diseases such as kidney failure. Reinforcing your immune system Our body immune system requires essential vitamins and minerals in order to operate optimally. Postponing the start of ageing Certain types of food such as tomatoes and berries can increase vigour and enhance cognitive efficiency, all the while protecting your body versus the effects of ageing. Consuming the best foods can actually make you better nutrients such as iron and omega-3 fatty acids found in protein-rich food can boost your mood. So, how does one build a sensible nutrition plan then? Healthy consuming is all about eating well balanced proportions of nutrient-rich foods from the various food groups, in addition to adopting a number of healthy eating routines. Image: Active Health How to achieve excellent nutrition in your diet Each food group provides different nutrients and benefits, so eating a well balanced diet plan that consists of foods from all five groups is necessary.