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Medical research study Increasing a protein concentrated in brown fat appears to lower blood sugar level, promote insulin level of sensitivity, and safeguard versus fatty liver disease by remodeling white fat to a healthier state, a brand-new research study led by UT Southwestern ... Medications Could a non-prescription health "shot" assistance combat COVID-19? George Mason University scientists believe it simply might.

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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes A University of Birmingham-led study funded by the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium has actually discovered that lots of patients with COVID-19 produce immune reactions against their body's own tissues or organs.

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A vial of the experimental Novavax coronavirus vaccine is prepared for use in a London study in 2020. Novavax's vaccine prospect consists of a noninfectious bit of the infection the spike protein with a substance called an adjuvant included that assists the body produce a strong immune response. Alastair Grant/AP Alastair Grant/AP A vial of the experimental Novavax coronavirus vaccine is ready for use in a London research study in 2020.

Alastair Grant/AP A new sort of COVID-19 vaccine might be offered as soon as this summer season. It's what's understood as a protein subunit vaccine. It works somewhat differently from the present crop of vaccines licensed for use in the U.S. however is based on a well-understood technology and doesn't require special refrigeration.

Consider it an advance caution; if the genuine virus ever turns up, the body immune system is ready to try to squelch it. When it comes to the coronavirus, that "something" is one of the proteins in the virus the spike protein. The vaccines made by Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer include genetic guidelines for the spike protein, and it depends on the cells in our bodies to make the protein itself.