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" It returns to that Swiss cheese analogy that great deals of individuals utilize," she says. None of the interventions are ideal, "so you layer them to guarantee that you're putting as many possible barriers as you can in between individuals and the infection." 4. The fates of surrounding states seem connected Minnesota and South Dakota had greatly different approaches to statewide constraints.

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5. But when the researchers ran estimations to see which states had similar case curves and put those results on a map, the two side-by-side states were quite similar. That swath of states with a similar curve ran all the way from Montana to Wisconsin in the Upper Midwest. Another clear area in the South extended from Texas to Virginia, and another ran from West Virginia up the East coast to New Hampshire.

" It was clearly geographically clustered in a manner that you wouldn't expect when you look at simply states and their interventions." That clustering "makes good sense if you think about it," Nugent says. In each region there might be "comparable weather condition patterns, people taking a trip across state lines," she says. Weather condition and season can impact viral spread and transmission dynamics, Lakdawala says.

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These findings recommend that states can't simply make changes within their borders and expect to control their fates. "Plainly we're a lot more linked than anyone truly considers in their daily lives," says Crystal Watson, a senior partner and assistant professor in ecological health and engineering at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

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There's still a lot to discover what works best, beyond vaccination One question this research study couldn't answer is whether some restrictions are much better than others as in, are dining establishment capability caps more crucial than restricting the size of other gatherings? "We don't have that, due to the fact that clusters of interventions were carried out routinely and after that alleviated consistently," Lakdawala discusses.

Lakdawala states her group is next dealing with an analysis of whether some counties did much better than others. The cultural context of a place matters too, Mc, Pheeters notes. Even without statewide action, individuals often alter their own behavior in reaction to becoming aware of increasing case numbers where they live and healthcare facilities filling up.