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A 2016 report of the Health Resources and Solutions Administration (HRSA) used a bleak depiction of the present and future state of the nation's behavioral Health services workforce. Nearly half the American population resides in a designated Mental Health Professional Scarcity Area (HPSA), and ... As New york city State faces another wave of COVID-19, the need for access to psychological healthcare in our communities has never been more immediate.

And while this workforce scarcity presents lots of challenges, it ... When managing severe mental disorder (SMI), the healing journey can be long and tough. It often needs creative and prolonged efforts to build and maintain a full life, but lots of people do reach healing. In fact, approximately 65% of individuals coping with SMI experience partial to complete healing ...

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We understand, empirically, that what matters most and keeps people in their job is ... David Woodlock, President and CEO of the Institute for Community Living (ICL), recently revealed his retirement after a profession in the psychological health field spanning nearly five decades. Woodlock, who worked as Deputy Commissioner for Kid and Families at the New York State Office of Mental ...

Providing crucial assistance, resources and area for staff can help avoid this and other acute stress actions from becoming longer term behavioral health ... The COVID-19 public health emergency has contributed to labor force crises across nearly all markets, fields and occupations. The behavioral health field has not been immune. Even worse, behavioral health has historically been affected by workforce obstacles, originating from "chronic underfunding ...

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Who supervises? Over the last 20 months, chief executives of human service companies were faced with unprecedented crisis. The twin upsurges of the terrible effects of ... The COVID-19 pandemic is beyond unpredictable. Nobody can actually state with certainty how and/or when this scenario will be under control to the point where behavioral health companies can go back to regular or know what the brand-new regular would look like.

The workforce shortage has actually been felt acutely in the behavioral health field (BHECON, 2018). To efficiently resolve this scarcity, we must determine its source, understand dynamics that lead to staff resignation choices and connect the viewed effect on company sustainability while ... No quantity of education, training, or clinical experience could have prepared us, as therapists, for the truth of cumulative injury on a global scale.