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Experts say they'll lie. Important employees raise concerns about brand-new CDC mask guidance: Most current COVID news The CDC has eased COVID-19 screening recommendations, too. Here's what it indicates. More than a dozen states roll back mask requireds: Most current COVID news Forgotten by CDC? Moms and dads of young kids aren't celebrating brand-new mask assistance. Immunized Americans can now ditch the masks, with a few exceptions: Today's COVID updates CDC indoor mask guidelines create more questions for fully immunized Americans CDC mask guidelines: Great for some, puzzling for others.

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Dr. Michael Maniaci and Dr. Margaret Paulson confer at the Mayo Clinic's hospital-at-home command center in Jacksonville, Florida. Mayo Center Mayo Clinic Dr. Michael Maniaci and Dr. Margaret Paulson provide at the Mayo Center's hospital-at-home command center in Jacksonville, Florida. Mayo Clinic Late last year, Janet Yetenekian got seriously ill with COVID-19, ill sufficient to necessitate going to the hospital.

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She got medical care in her own home in Glendale, Calif. "It was even much better than the medical facility," Yetenekian laughs. "They were continuously connecting it's time for you to do your vitals, or it's time for you to take your medications." Yetenekian contracted the coronavirus in December after pals invited her family to an afternoon barbecue.

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But the day after the event, the host came down with a fever. A test validated it was COVID-19. Within 2 weeks, Yetenekian's partner and 2 teenage kids got moderate cases of the disease. She came down with a more severe case, nevertheless, and her blood oxygen plunged to precariously low levels.

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And it surprised Yetenekian when her physician offered to move all her care house to be kept track of virtually. Medical professionals and nurses at a command center nearly 200 miles away in the San Joaquin Valley town of Hanford, Calif., handled Yetenekian's care as part of a new federal effort targeted at maximizing hospital beds during public health emergency situations.