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MAHEC rural household medication citizens John Cunningham, left, and Jeb Fox, right, see clients along with Appalachian Regional Health care System hospitalist Bryant Ward (center) at Watauga Medical Center in Boone, NC. Photo credit: MAHEC The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the body that accredits residencies in the United States, needs a minimum of 2 months and 250 pediatric encounters with kids in the medical facility, a standard the hospital in Boone can not satisfy by itself.

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Benedum, the MAHEC physician managing the Boone residency, helps residents in her program get the training they need by sending them to a bigger healthcare facility to satisfy their pediatrics training. That arrangement or "rural track" seems gaining momentum, in part thanks to a Health Resources & Providers Administration program that recently awarded a collective $20 million over 3 years to 27 companies nationwide focused on rural health.

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HRSA signaled that it is preparing to assign approximately $23 million to the growth of the rural track grant program in FY 23 and 24. Financing alone likely will not address all of the obstacles for rural residency programs, Hodge stated, particularly because of the long preparation it takes to set up brand-new programs.

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"Due to the fact that if you try to establish a residency in a place that truly doesn't have enough capacity to train them there, then there's a risk of having badly trained doctors which's not going to solve our issue.".

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For several years, in rankings of health indicators by state, Georgia usually landed in the high 30s to low 40s. However never ever at the bottom. The Peach State, however, has been ranked 50th, ahead of just Oklahoma, in a comparison of states and Washington, D.C., on healthcare for seniors. It follows a Georgia ranking of 51st in 2015 on total health care, a ranking largely eclipsed at the time by news of the ...

Oncology & Cancer It's frequently cancer's spread, not the initial growth, that presents the disease's most lethal risk. Alzheimer's disease & dementia Just like a supply truck crossing the countryside, the misfolded proteins that damage neurons in Alzheimer's disease travel the "roads" of the brain, in some cases stopping and sometimes re-routing to prevent obstructions, reports ...