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broil them. Get rid of all noticeable fat or skin prior to cooking, and season with herbs, spices, and fat-free marinades. A serving of meat, fish, or poultry is 2 to 3 ounces. Some crossover foods such as dried beans, lentils, and peanut butter can provide protein without the animal fat and cholesterol you get from meats. No diet should totally remove any one food group, even fats, oils, and sweets. It's fine to include them in your diet plan as long as it's on celebration and in small amounts, Bickston states. The number of calories you require in a day depends on your sex, age, body type, and how active you are.

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Active teenage girls and females can consume about 2,200 calories a day without putting on weight. Teenage kids and males who are extremely active ought to take in about 3,000 calories a day to preserve their weight. If you're not active, you calorie requirements come by 400 to 600 calories a day. The very best method to know just how much to eat is to listen to your body, says Donald.

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Novey, MD, an integrative medicine doctor with the Supporter Medical Group in Park Ridge, Ill.