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Gradually, in the medical industry, this has caused different fees for ever-smaller elements of care. A charge to put medication into a patient's IV line a "push charge" is one of them. Though the most significant charge on Claire's costs, $9,885. 73, was for a CT scan, in numerous ways Claire and her mama discovered the push charges most galling.

"It works truly well. Why wasn't that an alternative?" In Colorado, the typical charge for the code representing Claire's first IV push has nearly tripled since 2014, and the dollars healthcare facilities in fact get for the treatment has doubled. In Colorado Springs particularly, the expense for IV presses rose much more dramatically than it did statewide.

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At that rate, it would take nearly 21 hours to earn the quantity of money Penrose charged for a push of plunger that likely took seconds or at a lot of minutes. The medical facility's charge for just one "IV push" was more than Claire's portion of the regular monthly lease in the home she showed roommates.

But claims data shows that in 2020 Penrose typically got upward of $1,000 for the very first IV push. And clients who didn't have an insurance provider to dismiss such charges would be stuck with them. Colorado hospitals usually received $723 for the exact same code, according to the claims database. "It's insane the variation that we see in rates, and there's no rhyme or reason," says Cari Frank with the Center for Improving Value in Healthcare, a Colorado nonprofit that runs a statewide healthcare claims database.

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Even with the negotiated rate, "it was only $1,000 less than a typical payment for having a baby," Frank states. In an e-mail statement, Centura said it "carried out an extensive review and figured out all charges were accurate" and went on to describe that "an Emergency Situation Space (ER) must be prepared for anything and whatever that comes through the doors," requiring extremely qualified staff, plus equipment and products.