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Medical research University of Queensland scientists are refuting claims that COVID-19 can get in an individual's DNA. Medical research Research published in Science Signaling determines new methods that telomeres regulate the aggressiveness and survival of growths, making them possibly vulnerable restorative targets for killing cancer. The discovery was made ... Neuroscience New research study shows cells gather more data than when thought inside the thalamus, a relay station of sensory and motor capabilities in the brain.

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Oncology & Cancer UT Southwestern professors have actually found what appears to be an Achilles' heel in ovarian cancers, in addition to brand-new biomarkers that might indicate which patients are the finest prospects for possible brand-new treatments. Psychology & Psychiatry Scientists have shed brand-new light on a human behavior called joint attentionthe capability for two or more people to share attention about something.

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Obstetrics & gynaecology One in ten infants is born too soon in the United States, but a blood test during a routine prenatal visit might reveal if a female is at risk of a preterm shipment, according to a Michigan State University researcher. Gerontology & Geriatrics Centenarians are less prone to age-related persistent diseases and more most likely to endure infectious illness.

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Oncology & Cancer An unique treatment engineered by Northwestern Medicine detectives improved progression-free and total survival for clients with recently detected malignant gliomas, according to arise from a recent stage I scientific trial ... Medical research study Scientific studies with poor methodology and unreliable findings are exacerbating a COVID-19 false information crisis that is dissuading vaccination and putting lives at danger.

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Psychology & Psychiatry People around the world considerably altered their shopping behaviors at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dependency UCSF scientists have actually leveraged two new molecules, one of which is currently in clinical oncology trials, to create a dual-drug treatment for alcohol use condition (AUD), without the adverse effects or issues associated ...