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See related post on organic treatments. Aren't natural health items safe since they're natural? Don't think that organic health products are safe just due to the fact that they originate from plants. Even some plants are toxic. Although herbal items are marketed as "natural," they aren't natural to the human body. Unlike prescription medications, natural products do not have be checked to show that they work well and are safe prior to they're offered.

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Do any medical issues make it more unsafe to take natural health items? Yes. It might not be safe to take organic medications if you have specific health issue. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these issues: High blood pressure, Thyroid issues, Psychiatric issues, Parkinson's disease, Enlarged prostate gland, Blood clotting problems, Diabetes, Heart problem, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Stroke at some time in the past, What are possible side impacts of organic health products? Organic health products aren't evaluated to be sure they're safe, so they might cause issues.

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If you're taking Ginkgo biloba, you might have bleeding as an adverse effects. St. John's wort can trigger an indigestion, a worn out sensation, dizziness, confusion or dry mouth. You may also get a sunburn more easily. If you're taking an ephedra item (likewise called ma huang), you might have numerous issues.

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You may feel worried, have headaches or have difficulty falling asleep. You might even have a cardiac arrest or a stroke. If you take kava products, you may feel sleepy, get a rash or have odd motions of your mouth and tongue, or other parts of your body. Can natural items alter the way prescription medications work? Yes.

Don't take Ginkgo biloba if you're taking aspirin, ticlopidine (brand: Ticlid), clopidogrel (brand: Plavix) or dipyridamole (brand name: Persantine). Do not take St. John's wort if you're taking an antidepressant. Don't take ephedra if you're taking a decongestant or a stimulant drug, or if you drink caffeinated beverages. Do not take kava products if you're taking a benzodiazepine, a barbiturate, an antipsychotic medication or any medication utilized to deal with Parkinson's illness.