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Jordan was confused. How could a medication that was expected to assist kids with depression in fact make them feel even worse? She was likewise stressed since her sister was taking an antidepressant. Typically, news reports on health and medication can be confusing and sometimes they can be downright frightening. How do you understand what is essential and accurate? A Research study or Simply a Story? Large newspapers, magazines, TELEVISION networks, and radio stations often have medical reporters on staff to cover developments in health and medication. Lots of health stories are accurate and well balanced. However not all are. Often, press reporters attempt to rapidly stuff info into a short newspaper article, and they might oversimplify the information. What you see may not be the entire image. To capture a viewer's attention.

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, report often make dramatic claims. In addition, medical news reports often focus on people's personal stories, not scientific research studies. It takes a well-done research study to do that. And in some cases these research studies simply aren't significant or interesting sufficient to make the news. Questions to Think about When you find out about a new medical advancement, the very first question to ask yourself is whether the news is based upon a clinical research study. Understanding there's a research study behind the news is only the very first step, though. For instance: Was the Research Study Done in People? A lot of medical research is carried out in the laboratory or in laboratory animals, not in individuals a minimum of, not initially. Lab research studies help scientists determine whether a drug looks appealing, how it works, and whether there might be adverse effects.

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These research studies are typically a start but they're normally not the end of the story. When watching or checking out a news report about a new drug or treatment, see if it informs you whether the findings involved animals or people. It may not so you'll have to do some sleuthing by yourself to get the details . In some cases a study's results are announced with a big splash and then it turns out that the research study only included a few people. When scientists do the same research study using the hundreds or thousands of individuals essential to get truly accurate (or"significant" )results, those results may be various. It's likewise important for the research study