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Hydrate before, throughout and after workout Dehydration can truly sneak up on you, states Garber. The best defense versus dehydration is a great offense. "Ensure you are drinking water at least an hour before you head out to work out," she says, contributing to keep drinking while you're exercising (Leonard states it is necessary tostart getting hydrated even the night before).

And what should you be drinking? "If you're working out for an hour or less, nice cold water is the finest option since it is soaked up pretty rapidly. If you're going to be at it longer than that, then consider a sports drink to replenish sodium and electrolytes." How do you understand if you're dehydrated!.?.!?"Inspect the color of your urine," states Leonard.

He says to likewise keep in mind how frequently you have to pee. Haven't had to go in a bit? That may be a sign you're dehydrated. Leonard also cautions about going overboard on the water which can result in a condition called hyponatremia. "You see this in athletic events where rivals are exceedingly hydrating with electrolyte lacking sources like water, and that can lead to seizures, cardiovascular collapse and brain swelling." 5.

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"If the water is cool, swimming is an excellent choice on hot days and a great way to handle heat in general, because your body is worried from heat even if you're not working out." Yoga is also an excellent option, she says, because it is actually helpful from a physical fitness viewpoint but doesn't take rather as much energy as running or riding your bike.

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Change areas or times of day Both Leonard and Garber state that one of the simplest ways to keep your body temperature level at a sensible level when you're working out on a hot summer season day is to go out earlier in the morning than you might in other seasons, or later on in the night, when the air temperature level is cooler.