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Ask your medical professional or dietitian about dietary supplements. In some cases, supplements in the form of treats, beverages (such as Ensure or Increase), or vitamins might be recommended to consume between meals. These supplements help you increase your calories and get the correct amount of nutrients every day. Note: Do not utilize supplements in location of your meals.

Usage whole milk, whole milk cheese and yogurt. Utilize the "Calorie Boosters" noted below to add calories to your favorite foods. High-calorie snacks Ice cream. Cookies. Pudding. Cheese. Granola bars. Custard. Sandwiches. Nachos with cheese. Eggs. Crackers with peanut butter. Bagels with peanut butter or cream cheese. Cereal with compromise.

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Yogurt with granola. Popcorn with margarine and parmesan cheese. Bread sticks to cheese sauce. High-calorie recipes 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter3 tablespoons chocolate syrup1 1/2 cups chocolate ice cream Instructions: Put all components into a blender. Mix well. Makes one serving; 1090 calories per serving. 1 cup entire milk1 cup ice cream (1-2 scoops)1 package Carnation Breakfast Fundamentals (previously Carnation Instant Breakfast) Instructions: Put all components into a mixer.

Makes one serving; 550 calories per serving. 2 cups whole milk2 tablespoons vegetable oil1 bundle instant pudding3/4 cup non-fat dry milk powder Directions: Blend milk and oil. Add pudding mix and mix well. Pour into meals (1/2 cup servings). Makes four 1/2 cup portions; 250 calories per serving. 2 grape juice bars1/2 cup grape juice or 7-Up2 tablespoons corn syrup1 tablespoon corn oil Directions: Put all components into a blender.

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Makes one serving; 490 calories per serving. Calorie Boosters Before cooking, add egg yolk or whole egg to foods such as meat loaf, rice pudding or macaroni and cheese. (To avoid health problem, avoid using uncooked eggs.) Include to drinks (including milk) or to these foods: Creamed soups, yogurt.

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Pudding mashed potatoes. Custard gravies. Hot cereal sauces. Contribute to sandwiches, treats, casseroles, crackers, eggs, soups, toast, pasta, potatoes, rice or vegetables, or serve as a snack. Include margarine or mayonnaise to sandwiches. Add any of these items to bread, casseroles, soups, eggs, cooked cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, vegetables or pudding.